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Finest Indian Authentic Cuisine in Luton

About Alankar Resturant

Alankar restaurant is established since 1988, we specialise in quality Indian cuisine, made with the freshest herbs and spices .Our master chef developed this menu by blending traditional dishes and the best local produce around. The result is a truly unique experience. Alankar also provide a truly bespoke catering service, with our 30 years of experience and devoted service to generation of families. Our Master Chef inspired bespoke menus dedicated to 1-on-1. Alankar restaurant’s popularity grew creating the need for expansion in order to best serve our customers.


Our services also includes catering at external venues, providing every necessary elements for the event. Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Alankar’s 26 years of heritage has afforded many wonderful opportunities to cater events that became precious.